Our Services

1   We work to understand your requirements and fit, saving you time and cost later


 Devise A Stategy

We will build a strategy for you around any new application development, ensuring the scope and delivered product meet functionality and cost objectives. Our experience allow us to look at the bigger picture.

 Fit With Your Business

We will understand how any new development fits with your exsiting products or services, planning reuse or integration as required. We also look at the wider fit within your organisation and product portfolio.

 Get Results Early

We are experts in delivering rapid prototypes allowing you to explore in more detail the usability, user journeys, and overall user experience and objectives of any proposed development.


2   We develop, integrate, deliver and support, and can advise on protecting your IP


  Cross Platform Development

We have developed and delivered numerous cross platform web, desktop and mobile applications such that they can work seemlessly across different platforms and technologies, offering a consistent user expeirence.

  3rd Party / Social Integration

We have worked with a number of different 3rd party service providers and social technologies. We can work with you to select the right partners and handle all of the integration work for you.

  Protect Your IP

Our team have filed numerous patents. We have experience in identifying novel IP, and can work with your patent attorneys to ensure it is written up and presented correctly, so that key IP can be protected.


3   We can manage your projects, deploy in the cloud and put a post launch plan in place


  Project Management

Our team has managed complex multi-site developments involving numerous technology providers. We can plan and manage any projects undertaken by you to minimise risk to delivery and costs.

  Cloud Deployment

We have deployed a number of cloud solutions for our clients. We can advise on private, hybrid or public cloud solutions depending on your security or other requirements.

  Post Launch Planning

We can put in place a post launch plan covering issues such as ongoing application support, server monitoring and user analytics. We will help you to spot trends and manage growth of your application.