IoT is not about technology, it is about working with customers to understand business objectives and using technology to deliver strong business outcomes.
AWS accredited, we help you focus on your people, culture and processes through the power of IoT technology to improve production efficiency and quality, reduce environmental footprint, or deliver new products. As an IoT specialist team, our smart solutions span buildings, manufacturing and connected devices.
The importance

Smart manufacturing paves the way for factories of the future by applying Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies. This technology is billed as the driver of the next Industrial Revolution. This step-change will not only transform your manufacturing processes at an operational level, but opens the door to new revenue streams and increased margins.

The solution

By connecting machine data, sensors, and business systems to the cloud, a digital twin can be created for your entire factory. The sensors provide a constant stream of full-picture data which is contextualised to monitor and manage the production processes. Smart manufacturing enables problems to be identified and resolved before they happen and has the power to learn and adapt to smoothly automate operations.

The benefits
  • Optimised productivity - produce more, faster with smarter allocation of your resources
  • Improved efficiency - gain a full and continuous picture of any bottlenecks, machine maintenance, and operational inefficiencies
  • Reduced costs - reduce consumable and material use, and save by predicting and addressing maintenance issues prior to problems occurring
  • Improved quality - identify any production defects and have traceability throughout your processes, leading to increased customer satisfaction
  • Enable innovation - gaining knowledge to change business process, develop new products, or further optimise your supply chain
The importance

The concept of connected devices is almost second nature within the home, but there is a great deal of potential which is currently untapped by the majority of businesses. Whether it's connecting legacy assets in the field or developing new products with a connected capability, working with us allows you to focus on your value, strategy, and customers, to gain an enduring competitive advantage.

The solution

Connecting devices will provide you with a constant source of real-time data for your business. Sophisticated analytical tools provide a complete and unambiguous source of business intelligence which empowers you to make smarter business decisions. These improve product performance, save on maintenance costs, and enhance your customer’s experience throughout the lifecycle in a way that hasn't been possible before.

The benefits
  • Asset management - real-time visibility of your assets’ locations, health and utilisation
  • Efficient processes - integrating and sharing captured data across departmental or geographic boundaries
  • Increased business opportunity - access to data on how, why and when your customers use your product leading to informed future product decisions
  • Cost saving - using predictive maintenance to address problems earlier, and tracking usage patterns to reduce energy use
  • Additonal revenue streams - build subscription services to inform your customers with alarms and alerts, and provide consumables on a just in time basis
The importance

Smart buildings stretch way beyond the well-known concept of connected and intelligent buildings which monitor and control HVAC, security, and lighting control systems. They integrate sensors and automate your buildings for optimal performance improving facilities management, environmental impact, and wellbeing of your workforce.

The solution

Sensors built-in or retrofitted make buildings 'smart' allowing energy, occupancy and environmental data to be shared and intrinsically linked together with information from traditional BMS. Using this multi-point data, patterns can be identified and analysed for site-wide efficiencies and automatically act on data to solve problems without intervention. This intelligence is constant and in real-time which allows you to preempt challenges and adapt to change effortlessly.

The benefits
  • Energy efficiency - reduce energy consumption, cut costs and reduce your organisation's carbon footprint
  • Building utilisation - gain better insights into building utilisation for long term planning or to support efficient hot desking
  • Employee wellbeing - provide a workspace that is sustainable, flexible and safe, and support standards such as Well Building
  • Predictive maintenance - have an informed and faster response to building system issues
  • Optimised service provision - understanding building use can direct cleaning or other services more efficiently
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